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Thinking about applying to university?

All the information you need is here...

     I'm just starting out...

  • How do I pick a university?

  • How can I find the right course?

  • How do I write a personal statement?

  • I'm not ready yet :(

  • Can I do an apprenticeship instead? 

  • I want to take a break before I go to uni.

UCAS application timescale
Applying to university is a long and complicated process. You...
UCAS Applications – The First Things to Think About
The UCAS application process is tricky, and you need to...
Can you afford to go to university?
Attending university is a massive investment. Not only is it...
Tuition Fees
Now that we’ve introduced them, it should be noted that...
Applying as an International Student
Deciding to apply to university in a different country can...
Applying as a Mature Student
In many ways, mature students have lots of advantages over...
Applying as a Student Parent
If you have a child or children when you apply...
Additional Entry Requirements
As well as A-Levels, some university have specified additional entry...
Deferred Entry
If you want to take a gap year but still...
Gap Years
If you are feeling burnt out after years in the...
How to pick a university
How to pick a course

Application deadline

for everything except for oxbridge, medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry



Oxford and Cambridge applications

Oxbridge deadline

Oxbridge Applications

Applying to Oxbridge is different to applying to other universities. 

You can only apply to Oxford OR Cambridge but how do you choose? Then you need to pick a college but not all colleges accept all students or do all courses. 

You have less time to get your UCAS application in and you need to make sure your personal statement stands out. 

This booklet will save you time trawling through all the different websites and give you unbiased clear information to help you make your choices, give you a real life account of what it is like studying at Oxbridge and aid you in writing an amazing personal statement!

Medicine applications


Medicine deadline

     I've sent my application in...

  • What do I say at interviews?

  • How do I pick the offer that's right for me?

  • HELP! I didn't get any offers :(

How UCAS Points Work
You are going to need a certain number of UCAS...
Unconditional Offers
Unconditional offers are a double-edged sword. If you get an...
What to Do if You Don’t Get any Offers – UCAS Extra
If you don't end up with any offers from universities,...
10 Worst Ways to Pick between University Offers
I have talked a lot about how to pick between...
How to decide between university offers
When you get all of your offers in, you need...


     I'm waiting for results day...

  • I need to prepare?!?!

  • What if I don't get my grades?

  • What if I get better than expected grades?

Applications via Clearing
As soon as you find out that you haven't got...
Preparing for Results Day
On A-Level results day, you're going to need to have...
Applications via Adjustment
Read Mason's experience at the end... An Adjustment place is...

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