SQA National 5

I was shocked by how few resources there are out there to help students sitting the National 5 exams. They are very different (harder) to GCSE exams so you need videos and resources targeted specifically to your needs. 

All of the e-books you'll need can be found here.

These include Maths and Calculator Skills for Science Students covering all those tiny bits that A* students are expected to know but are really more maths then science.   

Maths (The Chemistry Bits) for SQA Science, available in higher and foundation versions and covering all the mathsy topics you'll need for your exams, with answers at the back. Each section starts with simple questions that mid grade students should be able to cope with, and ends with questions that will challenge top students. 



Scroll down to either Chemistry or Physics and you'll find links to the page on here with all the details and to the YouTube Playlist.

The Beat Way to Revise

In my opinion the best way to revise is by using exam papers, go here to see my Walkthroughs 


 Chemical Changes and Structure      YouTube Playlist
Nature’s Chemistry YouTube Playlist
Chemistry in Society YouTube Playlist



 Electricity and Energy                       YouTube Playlist
Waves and Radiation YouTube Playlist
Dynamics and Space YouTube Playlist