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A-Level Chemistry 

If you try these quizzes every month (or every other month) from now until your exams you should know the content really, really well. In the revision guide highlight your target grade in one colour, and every time you have completed a quiz (or a test in school) mark that on the table, so you can see how you are improving over time!

Chemical Equations

Moles and gas volumes

Types of formulae

Ions and the periodic table

Determining mass spectrometry

Periodicity, Melting Points

Ionisation Energies And Atomic Radii

Evidence for electron shells

Introduction into Chemical bonding

Oxidation Numbers

Moles and Solutions

Moles and reactions

Amount of substance and the mole


Acids and Bases

Percentage yields

Atomic Structure

Formulae for crystals and salts

Atom Economy

Enthalpy and Reactions

Enthalpy Terms


Shells and Orbitals

Redox Reactions

Ion Structures

Ionic Bonding

Sub-Shells and Energy Levels

Covalent Bonding

Structures of Covalent Bonding

Shapes of Molecules