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Why did you start making videos?

I love teaching, I love Chemistry and Physics, and I love helping students who are interested and hard working in getting better grades (and lets face it if you aren't interested and hard-working you probably wouldn't be reading this page).

But I know there is a lack of qualified, quality science teachers in this country, leaving some great students to suffer in isolated silence. This is what happened to my students when I was on maternity leave. I ended up teaching 4 year 11 classes from home via YouTube.

While I started making these just for my classes, they can be used by anyone. I've gone through the specifications (the long list of things the examiners think you should know) and I've made pages for each topic, which includes just the information you'll need.

A video I need is missing, what can I do?

If a section is missing from your exam board you can either leave a comment on the blog page or be patient. There is a lot of content to cover and I have a tiny baby to look after its going to take me some time to get everything done. You can also visit the request page and ask for the video you need.

Are you going to do anything else to help out students?

Eventually I plan on writing workbooks to help you study each section independently, so you can achieve the grade you deserve regardless of your teacher.

How do I know what my exam board wants me to know?

I've made separate playlists for each exam board, in these I've only put the videos you'll need and nothing extra. In the description you'll find a link to the exam specification. This this the list of topic the examiners want you to know. If your teacher hasn't given you a copy download this and use it to help you revise. If you notice any bits I've left out or added by mistake, please let me know!

Who are you?

I started teaching in 2012, after working in research for many years.

I worked on kinetochores for Marie Curie Cancer Care. I was fasinated by kinetochores ever since I learnt about them at University, and I was lucky enough to get a job right after Uni (last exam was on a Thursday, job started on the Monday). These are the tiny connection between the chromosomes (DNA) and the microtublues (cables) that pull them apart. But all I was really doing was sitting in a small, dark room, working a bank of computers.

I started a PhD at UCL looking at autism and cocaine addition in tiny worms (c.elegans). But again this involved me sitting in a small, dark room by myself looking at a computer.

Sick of never talking never talking to anyone I joined the Researchers in Residence program and started spending lots of time in schools, talking about science.

With this, I had found my calling in life! And quit my PhD for a PGCE. And have not regretted this decision!

How many cats do you have?

You know Primrose, born Spetember 2014 she is half Bengal and half Silver Tabby. Good looking and she knows it! She is a natural born hunter and is forever bringin us 'presents'

Trig, short for Triganometery, only has three legs after being run over by a car when he was tiny, in 2010. The vets told us that kittens who try to 'make friends with moving cars' don't live very long. Our oldest cat at 5 years old he is the bully of the neighbour and doesn't let have one less leg stop him climbing everything and being the boss.

The Littlest Hobo, or Hobo for short, my husband is so embarrassed that is his official name at the vets! Is the feral cat who lived the bottom of our garden for two years eating Trig's leftovers. Until he turned up one day in 2013 with a broken leg and half a face. A large vets bill and several A&E visits to fix my mangled hand later he now sleeps on our bed all day.


What is the best way to revise?


How can I get a shout out in the videos?

Then buy me a cup of coffee.