A-Level Chemistry

Your A-Level Chemistry results are so vital, they are the stepping step to your future, the key to your dreams and the most important tool for developing opportunities.

As a teacher I understand how best to help you.

In the past, the past papers from the exam board have been the best way to revise, now they have changed the game. The introduction of multiple choice questions and questions on practical work, mean the past papers aren't as useful as before.

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Any sheets I've made that I've referenced in a video can be found here

On-Line Classroom

As as a Patreon you will have access to weekly on-line multiple choice questions, these are not available on my YouTube channel and these provide instant feedback on how well you are doing. You will go straight to the top of the list when requesting videos, allowing me to help you with you homework and exam prep. 

Free On-Line Courses

Konoz is an awesome way for you to follow a course and keep up to date with the new videos that YOU want to see. I post so many different videos on YouTube sometimes finding the one you want can be frustrating and confusing

Book Recommendations 

Lots of you have asked what I think of the new set of text books, I've gone through them all and reviewed them all here.