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A good mystery book has to do two things: One, get you interested in what you are reading, and two, give you the chills. And trust me, Virals, by author Kathy Reichs, will do both.

The book centres around a group of friends who first encounter a very ill, very sick puppy in the middle of the road, only to, later on, find the bones of someone who was apparently killed in the area.

When these group of friends come across these two things, apparently not related to one another, a series of events will start to unravel, taking to face challenging situations they probably never thought they would live.

The book s fast-paced, full of great moments, mystery and a problem to solve. There are various parts in which you will get chills, some dramatic plot twist, and an unexpected end.

Keep in mind, this book isn’t exactly for everybody, since it is a bit dark and quite full of secrets right at the beginning. However, as you keep on reading, the book starts to shine a line on the different mysteries there are.
As the book goes on, we start to realise they didn’t just encounter a grave containing some random bones, but the bones of someone who was declared missing many, many years ago. And as we discover this, we start to realise things aren’t as easy as they might seem; actually, it’s entirely the opposite.

Author Kathy Reichs manages to write a compelling mystery book in such a way you really can’t put the book away until you have completely finished it. You just want to keep on reading more and more until you finally figure out what is going on.

The best part perhaps is that you really don’t know what is happening or what will come up next until the author finally tells you to and uncovers the untold truth about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, you will have to keep on reading, thinking and trying to figure out everything that’s happening. Trust me, you won’t be able to put this book down until the very last page, that’s how good it is!


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