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The One Memory of Flora Banks

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If you are ready to read one of the most unique books you will ever come across, then this is definitely the right one for you. I don’t want to give too much away because it is a book that has many plot twist and an overall plot that surprises you from start to finish, but I’ll do my best.

You have Flora Banks, she’s your average girl. She’s sweet, somewhat naive, extremely nice and cute… But she can’t remember absolutely anything that ever happens to her.

The thing with Flora is that she has amnesia, specifically anterograde amnesia, which makes her incapable of remembering anything that happens the day before. She can remember her childhood, but nothing recent.

The reason this book is so unique can be marked down into two main things: One, the way it is written, and two, the overall plot twist. Let’s start talking about the way the book is written.

You see, Flora has amnesia, and since she is the main narrator, we experience everything she does. Meaning every time she can’t remember anything, neither do we. And we have to read over and over some parts.

This makes The One Memory of Flora Banks an extremely interesting book to read because it successfully portraits what it is like to have amnesia, and how incredibly frustrating it is not to remember absolutely anything you did the day before.

That being said, then theres the main plot of the whole book. Flora doesn’t remember anything and she wakes up everyday trying to make the most out of her life the best way she can.

And she manages somewhat fine, the thing is, one day she kisses a boy, and the next day… She can remember it. That becomes the very first memory Flora gets to actually remember after years of waking up with her memories completely erased.

The book takes off from there, and boy, is it an emotional ride. You see, author Emily Barr manages to make you feel some type of way about Flora, making you wanting to protect her, to be her friend, to support her.

But it also makes you want to help her unravel the big mystery that is most of her life. This book honestly has anything you could wish for: An amazing main character, other incredible and real characters, an unique plot and so many breath-taking plot twist that you won’t be able to drop the book until you have finished it completely!

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