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The List

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People say High School prepares you for the real world. It shapes you to be who you will become, it helps you set the path for what will be the rest of your life, and potentially the best years ever… But it can be incredibly tough especially when there’s a little problem going on at your high school.
Just think about it. There’s a list that’s being published every year, targeting girls and selecting one of them as the “prettiest” girl and the other one as the “ugliest” girl. And every year, the list determines the social status of both of them.
The List, by author Siobhan Vivian, is a fascinating book that takes us back to Highschool, but don’t get it wrong, this isn’t just another regular teen book with a vague trauma and plastic characters. This is the real, deep type of novel that disguises itself as something easy to read (which honestly, is something good).
You see, as you begin to read this book, you’ll encounter the life of eight different girls that have been attacked by the list in some way or another, and we will get to see their point of things.
This book poses an interesting question about how we let things determinate how we see the world, and how our perception of the world, and the people that live in it, can be drastically changed.
Not only that, it shines a light on other critical issues like self-esteem, the way we see ourselves, the way other people see us, and how somewhat in the middle of those two perceptions, is the real us.
The list is without a doubt hugely entertaining; there’s no doubt about it. You being to feel almost absolved by the history, by finding out who is making this list, and why is everyone so obsessed with it.
But that’s not it. You also begin to feel the interest to understand the point of view from each girl, to know what they’re going through, what it means for them, and how much damage a simple little list can do to a person.
This book is entertaining, a bit heartbreaking and of course, eye-opening. Don’t be fooled by its cover; it is a fantastic novel that manages to break through the simple teenage drama and deliver something so much better. 

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