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It Only Happens in the Movies

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Romantic movies are great, and all, but they are only good for giving us false expectations about what love is really like because if one thing is for sure, it never is like in the movies.

True love isn’t laughing and smiling every day, or having incredible creative dates every time, or running straight to the airport to stop the love of your life from getting on a plane… That only happens in the movies, and it’s about time we all finally understand it.

Author Holly Bourne got tired all the love cliches we always see in the movies and came up with a book that presents us a fantastic “love” story like no other, while continually making fun of the typical movie cliches we are all tired of seeing.

In It Only Happens in the Movies, author Holly Bourne presents us the story of Audrey and Harry, and how they go through the most typical love story ever told.

And yes, we’re saying normal, because there’s no fairytale ending (or beginning for what matters) in this book. The author really did an excellent job of portraying the most normal love relationship ever.

Through Audrey and Harry, we see the ups and downs of a relationship, we notice how not everything is excellent, and unlike movies and social media makes us believe, we notice a couple trying to survive the rough parts of a partnership.

The book itself is fantastic to read for two main reasons: One, it IS a romantic book, but it isn’t like anything you have read before. It focuses more on the dynamics of a couple, and how they try to love each other while moving on with their everyday lives; and two, because it is just hilarious to see author Holly Bourne mocking all the typical things we are used to seeing in romantic comedies.

The author isn’t trying to condemn these cliches, but to show people that yes, it is fun to watch to people magically fall forever in love after casually bumping into each other in an old coffee house, but that should never be taken as an example of how true love works.

Holly Bourne shows us a love story that is more real than anything you’ll ever read. True love hurts, it will make you feel sad sometimes, and it will mark you forever, but it will also make you laugh and love life more than you’ve ever experienced, and the author does a fantastic job getting this message across.

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