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I'll Give You the Sun

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If you are up to read a book about art, family and just two siblings trying to solve their problems and grow into the world, then this is the right book for you. And trust me, you are in for an emotional ride.
You see, I’ll give you the sun is a book about twin siblings, Noah and Jude, who start up as being close to each other, actually having a good relationship, and then suddenly things go straight from good to bad.
This book isn’t as anything you’ve read before. It is surprisingly real, with very well formed characters, a great plot twist, and an overall story that makes you feel as if you’re reading a book about some of your closest friends.
Describing this particular novel is quite hard because it isn’t about just one thing, but instead about many, many different things combined, but there are three main topics all throughout the book: Family, art, and growing up.
I’ll Give You the Sun is one of those books that you should read without knowing too much about the general trauma, that way; you get more and more involved as time goes by.
This book does a beautiful job of portraying what is like to solve a family problem, and how two people who were once incredibly close are now torn apart by life and destiny itself. But they might be able to solve their difference.
As you read this book, you will realise you might not necessarily understand why the twins do the things they do, or might not agree with everything they are thinking, doing or saying… But you are somewhat so involved, the author mess with your feelings, makes you understand they are not meant to be understood, but for you to feel someway about them.
Plus, the way author Jandy Nelson manages to involved art in all of this is just incredible, almost as it was another character as well, adding to the great things about this cute little novel.
Another important thing about I’ll Give You the Sun is that’s narrated between points of views, in two different moments. First, we will get Noah’s point of view from what happened in the past, and then, we’ve got June telling us everything that is happening three years later. And as you read, you’ll have to unravel their story at the same time as they do.


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