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Holding Up the Universe

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 There’s something beautiful about how the universe sometimes really seems to conspire to make two people meet. It’s crazy, but sometimes it seems as if they are cosmic forces fighting for two people to meet finally.
And that’s what it seems to happen in this book. You see, you have two completely different persons. You’ve got Libby, and then you’ve got Jack. They are complete strangers in one point, entirely different from each other. Until they are not.
Let’s break this down. Libby was once America’s fattest person, and although she has lost weight and is now re-entering the world by accepting to go to high school, she is still afraid people will only recognise her for her past, not to mention, she’s dealing with grief as well.
She feels unsafe, she feels lonely, although she is doing her best to be the person she wants to become: A happy person, someone who is capable of doing absolutely everything they set their minds to do.
Then we’ve got Jack. He’s the favourite guy, the one everyone likes. He is friendly with people; he has a great family. He is the typical favourite guy in high school. But he is not, because he can’t recognise anybody.
He has a rare syndrome that makes him impossible to remember people’s face. Not his family faces, not even his own at sometimes. So he doesn’t connect with anybody, he can’t. He feels lonely as well.

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