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Flawed (Flawed 1)

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Welcome to the dystopian society in which everyone is obsessed with being perfect. And we’re not talking about “looking” perfect but being perfect, being flawless in every way.
You see, in this society created by author Cecelia Ahern, you have to be perfect. You have to follow the rules accordingly, be a model citizen, have good morals, be kind, be kind to everyone, all of the time.
And you might be wondering how is this precisely a dystopian society? Well, because it turns out, if you commit a little mistake, you make a decision that isn’t viewed as “right” or “correct”, then you’ll have to face either prison, a sentence or even death.
The thing is, sometimes facing those consequences is even better than being called a Flawed person, meaning someone who isn’t perfect anymore, someone who has broken the rules, and is now a disgrace for society.
In Flawed, we meet Celestine. She’s a beautiful girl, a great student, with a regular family and a hot boyfriend. She is the definition of perfection, until one day, she has to make a choice and her instinct betray her, suddenly making her a threat to society.
Here’s where the book picks up, and it doesn’t stop until you’ve reached the very last page. You see, now Celestine has to face the consequences of her actions. But what will happen?
This is a book that will significantly surprise you with every page you turn. It might seem as if you know what is going to happen, and then it will take you to an entirely different place.
Keep in mind, this is a dystopian novel, meaning it targets to portrait real problems of our society by creating an even worse one and trust me, you’ll get the main point of these particular dystopian societies.
Get ready to read a YA novel that mixes a twisted world, questionable characters and a great plot overall. You won’t get bored, not even for one second, especially not when you’re finally reaching towards the very end.
Celestine will somewhat steal your heart while also making you hate her a bit, trying to understand what she is doing. Indeed a good book if you’re up for some action, some romance, and last but not least, a good plot twist.

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