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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

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Imagine a book that manages to talk about the urinary things of life, that leads to talk about what it is like to have no bigger aspirations in life, and just living as if you were in automatic pilot… Imagine a book about such “boring” topics that is extremely interesting.
That book is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. You see, here we have Eleanor. She’s a thirty-something woman that doesn’t know how to cope with adulthood the right way and is quite awkward at social interactions.
She doesn’t have any real aspirations in life. She wakes up every day, goes to work, comes back home and waits for the weekend so she can stay at home by herself drinking, eating and relaxing.
It isn’t an exciting life, she knows it, but it is a regular one, it’s a fine one, and she has learnt how to deal with it. The thing is, she doesn’t know it could get better, she doesn’t know life could be anything she would want it to be.
Or that is until one day, she meets Raymond, and her life is not something bored anymore. They fit most uncommonly, and suddenly she and Raymond befriend an old man who is quite awkward himself, becoming the most amazing trio of friends you’ve ever seen.
This book is unique in many ways. Not only do you have a main character that isn’t too outgoing or extremely interesting, but that is somewhat quite normal, and that’s precisely what is so endearing about her.
Then you have the unlikely friendship between these three people who didn’t know each other before, and how the bond that is growing between them is slowly changing all of their lives for the better.
Last, but not least, you have the little romance going on in the book. A novel that pushes Eleanor to slowly but surely come out of her shelf that inspires her to push the boundaries and become something more, something way more than just “fine”.
This novel manages to talk about a topic that no many people like, which is dealing with life’s expectation and recognising when you are lovely, and knowing when you are not okay, but you are still pretending as if everything is great.
It is a sweet, cute book that shines the light on a tough topic to understand and internalise, but it is most definitely a great novel that deserves quite a bit of our time.

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