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Paradox: The Nine Greatest Enigmas in Physics

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If you have ever been confused by a paradox and its complexity, you are not alone. A paradox is meant to be confusing, and they are made to make you question everything you think you know.
However, emerging right from the depths of the multiple paradoxes in the world comes Paradox: The Nine Greatest Enigmas in Physics, to explain everything to us and finally uncover many of the most amazing enigmas in the world.
Author Jim Al-Khalili could very much be considered a genius. He has proved us all once again how much of a fantastic writer he is. Not only did he managed to write a successful book about such a complex topic, but he made it enjoyable.
Throughout this book, we, as the reader, will be presented to multiple of the most famous paradoxes known by the humankind, as the author kindly explains every little thing to our page by page.
The success behind this book lies in the simplicity of it: Jim Al-Khalili found a way to talk about such a difficult topic as physics are and made it not only understandable for everyone but interesting enough you want to keep on reading.
From the first page on, the author introduces you into the world of paradoxes by explaining the basics of it in a very easy to understand way, which is probably why the book itself is SO famous: It manages to deliver a challenging topic simply. And that’s not something many know how to do.
The author explains each paradox through various simple and practical examples that the reader can pick up very quickly, and as the book moves forward, you were actually to understand all of these enigmas.
The way Jim Al-Khalili managed to do this was by giving it a slight twist to the whole paradox thing. Instead of trying to make you understand the enigma, the author attempts to make you understand the minds of those who created the paradox to start with.
Throughout the book, you’ll embark on an adventure, one that spins around science, one that will make you question everything you know and open up to new knowledge.
If you want to get a unique look into the physics’ biggest enigmas and understand the theories behind them, while also learning about this world, then this book is the right pick for you.


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