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Einstein's Dreams


Art and science come together in this extraordinary fictional composition. It’ll leave you on the cusp of reality and dreams. Set during 1905, a young genius by the name of Albert Einstein worked in a patent office in Switzerland. As he works on his now world-wide known theory of relativity he is overcome with dreams. Alan Lightman explores those fictional dreams over 30 chapters. Einstein’s Dreams has been translated into thirty different languages and has inspired many artists throughout the world. 

The reader will find themselves questioning the way time is experienced. Whether that be an endless loop or even moving faster at lower elevations. Alan Lightman attempts to give each concept a scenario, where fictional characters with fictional storylines demonstrate this type of new world. These various concepts seem to be unlikely but using Einstein’s theory of relativity could be a logical possibility.

Alan Lightman’s descriptions of these vivid dreams make the reader scrutinise the way human life is currently lived. Whilst at the same time forcing the reader to contemplate philosophically how this would compare to living in alternative time theories. 

This book was an absolute delight to read. The author uses beautiful and poetic imagery to convey his message across. I found myself questioning the way we view time. I was constantly asking myself why do we allow time to dictate the way we carry our lives out? I am thankful for the author allowing these types of questions to evolve in my mind. A criticism I hold for this book, however, is that this book is more poetry than prose, something that I feel was unintended. Some aspects of this book did also drone out the authors' message, they felt too waffly and did leave a stain on this book. 

Overall I would wholeheartedly recommend this book. Although this book is fictional, I feel I was able to somewhat understand the power that Einstein held through his theories. You will want to evade your sleep in order to finish reading this book. I have truly found lessons in this book that I will carry forever into the future with me.

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