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A Short History of Nearly Everything

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If you don’t like a serious book than this one you’ll love, it has the perfect blend of humour and knowledge, Bryson has an incredible narrative that will leave you wanting for more.

Sometimes it can get a little tricky reading about different topics all at once, and most books use complex and challenging words that leave you a lot more confused than before. That’s why it’s so amazing how it is easy to see all the incredible research and sources Bryson went through to create this book that is not only easily digestible but at the same time, it is fun and great to read.

This is just one of the most amazing books ever written, and it’s the perfect way to learn about our planet, its formation and all the incredible knowledge it has to offer!

The book is also filled with interest facts that will make you the life of any party, and while it mostly concentrates in scientific things, it’s just friendly enough for you to have a great time reading and learning from it.

You won’t be able to put this book down, and you will also want to read it more than once.

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