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The topic revision videos are very helpful, without them I'm sure I wouldn't have passed! So thanks a lot!

Thank you

Thank you for everything primrose!

Absolutely Stunning!

Due to the fact that I read the earlier review, which CLEARLY STATES that they did not receive anything despite spending £5 on their order, I still decided to give this a go. This was a conscious construct performed by myself, however metaphorically speaking, I'm a risktaker. I was absolutely amazed when I found out that I have gotten a delivery this monday, I opened the box and then realized it was actually my copy of minecraft skyrim mash up pack, I was SO FED UP i was about to write a terrible 1* review, that's until my dad busted in the room to inform me of another delivery. Oh crikey! I thought to myself, what could it be! Fucking fiddlesticks I say to that! But then i realised i CAN'T post this 1* review hath I have too much milk of human kindness. So I opened the 2nd package expecting lovely flowers, yet to my surprise,...
she gave me TOP CLASS revision tips.

Nah, in all seriousness im just having a giggle, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers which i threw in the bin
I was confused, I accidentally put the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the shelf and fucked my neighbours dead dog.
sorry im getting off topic here. lOVELY FLOWERS THANKS PRIMROSE puppy


i have thought to myself that the most beautiful creation in my life ....
i was worng

This bouqet of flowers literally made mu bust the second i opened it - so much in fact that it made the flowers white with joy.
Perhaps it was the fact that the flowers were shaped as fully erect penises or maybe the way that they you could smell the urine of miss primrose kitten herself (and tasted like her piss aswell ;)
ANYWAY , i feel as though me and kitten have a great relationship right now not only because i literally stuck the flowers up my ass ( quite suprised they did not break) but also the way that i can literally hear her little kitten screaming whilst i flashback to the point when i fucked aa kitten with my little sister.

I really think that the flowers were beautiful thnaks and could u do revision for something else other than maths or science cuz SUPRISE SUPRISE , in school we dont only do these subjects.

I didn't receive anything

I added this to my cart expecting a nice display of flowers to come flying through my window and into the antique vase next to my desk. BUT NO! I was charged £5 and received absolutely nothing. A rip off if you ask me.