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AQA GCSE Science Revision Guide - Extended Edition: for higher and foundation, combined and separate science.

£9.99 £8.84

For those who want the ease of not printing this yourself here it is!

The extended edition includes 4 books in total, so you can buy them cheaper and have everything in one place. 

In here there is...

  • Revision Guide 
  • Maths and Calculator skills for science students
  • Maths (the chemistry bits) for science students
  • Maths (the physics bits) for science students

Knowledge checklists for each topic in easy to understand language so you can check you haven't missed anything out; links to YouTube video that explain parts you don't understand; quick fire questions for each topic with links to a YouTube video working through the answers; lists of equations and units that are essential to learn for physics; lists of ions, equations and formula that are essential to learn for chemistry; diagrams to label; key word lists and crosswords.


This will be updated July 2019


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