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Maths Skills for A-Level Chemistry


Have you ever had trouble studying for chemistry? More specifically, have you ever had a problem trying to understand the mathematical part of chemistry? Well, let me tell you, you aren’t the only one.
Chemistry is already hard enough to understand, however, when you add math to the mix, it becomes incredibly more difficult. But again, luckily for all of us, some books help us understand it a bit more.
The Math Skills for A Level Chemistry First Edition is one of those incredible books that does its job right: Teach you about chemistry and help you understand what is going on.
You see this particular textbook is targeted at students that are currently trying to reach the A level of Science, which we know, isn’t as easy as people make it seem.
Through this textbooks, students all over England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be able to not only get to this level but also prepare for the important tests that they’ll have to take during the upcoming years.
Now, if you’re wondering what the Math Skills for A Level Chemistry First Edition book can do for you and why is it so different from every other chemistry book you’ve ever seen, let us tell you exactly why.
For starters, it is a textbook targeted a specific audience, meaning it is to suit the necessities of these students. Each page in this book is made to help kids understand and pass chemistry.
Second, it isn’t just a textbook about the theoretical part of chemistry, but about the math skills required to understand and be able to apply this science in real life.
This means the Math Skills for A Level Chemistry First Edition book touches a very important side of chemistry most textbooks don’t. But that’s not it; we have to mention that this book also comes with several practice questions for you to solve them.
These practice questions vary in style and approach so you, the student, can gain enough confidence to solve them on your own, and do it right! Like we just said, the Math Skills for A Level Chemistry First Edition isn’t just another ordinary textbook.


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