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Inferior: The true power of women and the science that shows it

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For centuries, women have been labelled as the weaker sex, as the inferior one, while men have been praised for being superior, stronger, more capable. It is nothing new. But have you ever stopped to think why? Why this opinion exists?
Have you ever stopped to think where does this idea come from? Why everyone suddenly decided women were the weaker sex? Well, the truth is, there’s nothing sudden about that decision, but rather years and years of papers, research and experiments, and one person took the time to read through all of them and discover the truth.
Author Angela Saini had the same questions we just had, with the difference she took the time not only to research why women were labelled as inferior but to write a great book about it.
You see, Inferior: The real power of women and the science that shows it, takes a unique look into the old saying that women are weaker than men, and it does so by using science. Yes, just like you read it.
Through the book, author Angela Saini takes us on a journey through all of the papers and researches have done about this topic, and one by one, proves how most of them were wrong, biased or just garbage, and how the misogynist background of the era allowed these papers to be published and damage the image of a whole group of people.
Angela Saini shows us all the multiple studies that were done in which the woman was put down, being labelled as the weaker sex in several areas such as intelligence, work environment, physical health and so much more. But not only does she show them to us, but she also explains the truth behind it.
The book itself is a delight to read, although it can be quite infuriating finding out the vast amount of male scientist whose papers were completely biased and incorrect and were published regardless.
Not only that but reading about how society back then used to showcase studies that showed the differences between men and women instead of showing the ones that highlight the similarities between them, is just shocking.
But the book isn't just focused on that, and it also gives us a lot of interesting medical and biological facts about women, why they are the way they are, their strengths and so much more.
Reading the book almost feels like rediscovering not only a part of history that was hidden for many years but, if you are a woman, it feels like rediscovering all your real potential. Truly a masterpiece.

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