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If you ever feel defeated, or misunderstood as a woman working in the science field, then you need to sit down and start reading this book, because it will restore your faith in humanity, in science, and in yourself.
Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science and the World has been called everything from a great book to the feminist’s holy bible, thanks to the fantastic job it does portray the incredible, intelligent women in science while inspiring others to go after their dreams and aspirations.
Through the book author, Rachel Swaby takes you on a journey through history to get to know nothing less but 52 of the most important women in the world of science, their personal lives and their discoveries.
Women in science have a long history of being overlooked. There thousands of women who devoted their own life to science, who contributed so much, who worked so hard, and yet they were always forgotten. Until now. Until this book, in which author Rachel Swabe has taken it upon herself to showcase these incredible women, given them the recognition they deserve.
The book itself is just inspiring. You get to see two sides of these women; first, the more personal side of them, you get to know a little bit about their lives and who they were, and second, a more professional side.
When you get ready for their professional achievements, you get merely overwhelmed. Rachel is incredibly good at telling all the things these women did on their own, from minor works to the researches and discoveries that indeed made them famous, you get to know the full history.
Of course, you will get to read about some of the most famous women in the history of science, some of which you may already recognise, but you will also get to learn about some of the less well-known (still just as impressive) women that contributed to science.
This book is considered by many as the feminist’s holy bible for a good reason: It inspires you to go after your dreams. It is an inevitable feeling inspired when reading about the life and work of these incredible women. It makes you want to do the same thing.
Rachel is a fantastic writer who managed to write a great book that doesn’t have a single dull moment. From page one to the very end, you will be intrigued and fascinated by the story of these 52 women and everything they did, and you won’t be able to put it down not even for a minute.

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